Bubble Wrap

so why can't i draw pictures of the prophet 'daniel'?
there must be no graven images to worship. only the prophet himself must be honoured.
so,.. what if it's just a stick figure that i call 'daniel'.
what if it's a different 'daniel'?
um,... yes, i guess so.
what if it's a different prophet from a different religion?
co-incidentally called 'daniel'.
look, just don't draw any pictures of the prophet 'daniel'.
what if i draw 'daniel' from 'the karate kid' but i draw him in a lion's den,..
wearing no pants?
look, draw what you want. i'm pretty sure you're going to hell anyway at this point.

by Dan

I quite like discussing the issues that occured with these cartoons. There seems like a strange grey area in which very silly things can happen.