Bubble Wrap

if you want to be first pick on the stud roster,
i suggest you best look it up because that's what you'll be if you don't lay off the juice.
it's not a good thing then?
not from your point of view, no.
anyway, back to work, here.
i'll be glad when wyatt gets back with those solar cells. i'm getting tired of working in the dark.
yes kumar?
when ... "this" is all over, do you think penny would want me to be her stud?
that is an interesting question kumar but perhaps you should look at it this way:
at the very least, penny has been like a big sister to you.
do you really want to "put the wood" to your big sister?
c'mon tyler, no fair. you've just destroyed a perfectly good fantasy.
sorry, my bad.
yes it fucking was!

by Goatlord

What Tyler doesn't know, is that Billy Bob was in the cellar earlier with a tube of supa-glue and the penny he is trying to pick up...

But seriously folks....

Nope, got nuthin'.

Apart from annoying apostrophes, I gots plenty o' those suckers.