Bubble Wrap

so now we are betrothed we can live together under the same roof without a chaperone.
was that really necessary considering your shenanigan hole has been laminated over?
the lord knows. he works in mysterious ways.
mysterious? he works in ruthless and psychotic ways too.
what do you call a human who allows billions of people to suffer and die?
a psychopath. but the lord isn't human.
that much is obvious.
oh no! i think i made a big mistake.
mysterious ways!

by Dan

Comic I.D. number 404!

Not that there are 404 comics of course. I've set the system up in a base seven system. The final digit is the day of the week 1 = Sunday, 2 = Monday. The other digits refer to the week. So 404 means that it's Wednesday of the 40th week of the comic.

This means that comic 527 is going to be a big achievement.