Bubble Wrap

so let me get this marriage straight. financially bound together. legally linked. no sex.
don't forget anniversaries. you should write the date down to remember it.
oh great. another date to forget. i'm not even sure what month it is right now.
our first anniversary is 'paper'.
it's paper. it's represented by paper and you need to give me a paper gift.
it's paper, then cotton, then leather,..
oh yeah,..
then linen, wood,..
heh, i've got,..
shh, stop it!
then iron,.. all the way up to ruby, sapphire and gold
they should name them after superheroes.
yeah, start with the feeble ones like aquaman and the wonder twins, and then work your way up to the good ones like superman and spiderman.
that's the stupidest idea i've ever heard.
say what you want. divorce would go down. men would truly commit themselves to the relationship if they knew that after 50 years they'd reach their 'batman anniversary'.

by Dan

Eep! Sorry. A late comic. At least it's one I'm quite pleased with.