Bubble Wrap

no no, cheese is a very rare and awesome commodity these days. let me at least help you in some way.
i've not long finished a long journey of my own. i'll gladly share what i know if you tell me where you're headed.
trust me kid, you ain't been where i'm goin'. it's a short trip but i'll spend the rest of my life gettin' there.
oh, if you're sure?
yeah, i'm sure. look, you seem like a swell kid.
think you could look after this for me? give it to the next poor schlub that needs one.
oh, carmine, i really don't think...
aren't you going to need this?
it was really nice meeting you kid, shame it wasn't under different circumstances.
no wait!
why, carmine?

by Goatlord

So ill...

Mental issues aside, of course.

Can't have too many rumbos, still several days of work to go...

I wonder if cinnamon seasoned pig blood will help. Perhaps it really is nice.

WARNING: Thought-keyboard filter failure complete.


...or not

Sleep now.