Bubble Wrap

very much so, thank you.
no worries kid. there's some leftover food-in-a-tube wotsits in the bag over there.
thank you for sharing.
i haven't had any real cheese in ages. my name is bob.
carmine moretti. formerly "neumann the newsagent" but ... but that don't matter no more. and i'm not sharin' kid, i'm givin'.
i'm goin' on a long trip and i can't take 'em with me.
thank you carmine, that's very generous of you.

by Goatlord

Another new character :o

I've written so much backstory for him.
I can't wait for you to get to know him.

I am currently trying the home remedy of Rum and Ginger Beer to eradicate a cold.

It's been suggested that I heat them up before consuming.

An idea I shall try ... next.