Bubble Wrap

so what's the amazing discovery?
it's the guns. they don't work.
which guns?
all guns, or more precisely, all bullets.
the bullets don't work?
no! i've tried everything. i even threw some into a fire. they won't ignite!
so that gun is useless?
are they wet?
i think something happened at a chemical level.
water's a chemical

by Dan

Kyle Sanderlance made some bad decisions on his radio show recently and the rape of a 12 year old girl was turned into a media circus. Everyone hates him but I wonder how much of the blame falls at his feet. From my understanding radio station managers at fucktards and are constantly pushing their talent to lower and lower depths. And then the listeners continue to listen. Maybe they (the listeners) are the problem.

And then a great radio show like 'Tony Martin's Get This' gets axed because smart people enjoy it.