Bubble Wrap

so, what's this discovery that you've made?
oh, that? well it's a pretty important piece of leverage over,...
hey wait! you've got the exact same suit as those wierd religous nutters. you're not,..
no,.. nothing. not a smart guy like you, doctor.
did you say something about some tea?
oh, yes. where are my manners?
so, who is this, 'fly' person you mentioned.
oh just a,.. well,.. i guess,.. a friend of mine.
so what are you a doctor of, exactly? medicine?
me? oh, i specialise in the brain. specifically in,..
social engineering
was that thunder again? it must be a storm coming in?
of a sort,... yes.

by Dan

I got to play a 'have sex with a whore in a public toilet' mini-game on Saints Row 2 tonight. My wife was unimpressed but my 15 year old former self thought it was sweet.