Bubble Wrap

d,... doctor?

a real doctor? oh, i'm so glad to meet you. an intellectual equal.
oh, there's so much to talk about. my survival plans. my discoveries,.. the future. philosophy,..
oh, but first,..
but first!!

why was,.. ha,... i say,. why was the dial-up modem sad?
i,.. uh,.. i don't,...

he was baud!
that's very witty!
yes! it is very witty!!

by Dan

Figured out how to do races in Saint's Row 2. It's not all chasing innocent people across the footpath.

Strange game though. One moment you're shooting teenage girls in the back of the head, the next you're spending 10 minutes "dressing up" your 3D "doll" so that he can get "cool points".