Bubble Wrap

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!
fucking bob!
fuck him and the horse that rode him!
are we quite finished?
fuck you too!
and you wonder why no one wants to be around you.
screw you
cock bite!
i was doing fine until the two of you showed up.
i don't even know who you are.
of course you do.
as the bishop said to the hermaphrodite, go fuck yourself!
ok sugarlips but remember, once i'm gone you'll only have bob to vent on and i can guarantee he won't put up with your abuse forever.
i should be so lucky.
what, no clever retort?
well fuck.

by Goatlord

As I was typing this comic in,
Crazy by Seal came up in the rotation.

I had a little chuckle.

"Chuckle" being the pet name for the other next door neighbour's, well ... pet.

If you can call a Shetland a pet.

I've always joked that those service station pies could be best described as "pastry bags full of horse nose".

Turns out, I am one prescient intercourser of those that have given birth.