Bubble Wrap

i can't find a chalkboard or any chalk.
i thought maybe i'd find something in a school but i don't know this city too well and didn't know where to look.
well, i seem to recall hearing something about schools being used as makeshift emergency wards and eventually, morgues.
why would they have needed so many morgues, i wonder.
i wonder.
i don't think i want to go poking around any morgues.
no, i wasn't a big fan of school the first time 'round.
anyway, you could probably make your own if you're that keen. the hardware store is a bit of a walk but it's not too far.
...why a chalkboard?
when you told me to go forth and multiply the other day, it got me thinking about my time at primary school and writing out my times tables.
to be fair, what i actually said was
"fuck off
and die!"
of which your very presence suggests that you have been able to achieve neither.

by Goatlord


Mad donkey props to those who understand what I'm talking about.

They were for some university play written by a "visionary" first year drama student. No one picked them up so ... all yours.

To infinity and meow!