Bubble Wrap

by the power vested in me, i pronounce us, man and wife.
oh yeah! so, we can consumate now?
you know? honeymoon? newlyweds??,..

we're in hermetically sealed suits fly. i don't think there's any way of us touching each other.
but but,.. the hatch?
what hatch?
here. an airtight seal at 'junk' level.
i call it the shenanigans hole.
oh, that!
no, our leader, dr. macintosh had that laminated shut in every suit.
fuck this!
i'm leaving!

did you forget you were still handcuffed by your leg to the floor?
this would appear to be the case.

by Dan

Still don't know why the cops are after me. They won't ask me polite questions without a fight man! Viva le revolution.

Oh, and Happy Bastille Day, for yesterday.