Bubble Wrap

the ring has been bequeathed. the prayers have been intoned.
this is taking so long. are we married yet?
almost fly. there's just the jig for jesus. dance with me, my promised one.
ooh lolololohalolah!
ooh lolololohalolah!
you have got to be,...
soon it will be our honeymoon. ollahlolah!
yeah, if *someone* doesn't accidently skitz out and kill everyone.
oohlahlah,...you're not jigging, fly. jig!


by Dan

Oh Pants! I've got a coldsore. I've never had one before. Face Herpes. Simplex. Such a gross disease.

I thought I'd been too darn lucky over the years. Narrowly dodging the bullet. But now it's all come back to haunt me. An illness, the stress of the illness all came together to leave my beloved face looking like a shedding gecko.