Bubble Wrap

i propose that we set up base here
this place looks really familiar
it's the police station.
fuck you pig!!
this is totally entrapment!! i know my rights!
i'm not a,..
i want my lawyer!!
there are so many things wrong with what you're saying but the one that i'm most pleased to remind you about is that all the lawyers are dead.
i lied! i don't know my rights. i don't remember them
you have the right to remain 'shut-the-hell-up'.
perhaps you should consider using it.

by Dan

Just a quick note to welcome all those Real Life readers who have come to check out what's going on here at Invisible Spiders. There's only three weeks of strips here so far but sign on up for the RSS feed to continue to be updated.

For our readers, you may be interested to know that I submitted a couple of strips and at least one of them has been posted so far.