Bubble Wrap

ok, not really.
go ... go and find your drugs garry. we don't want your kind of help.
come come penny, you've never objected to my help before.
oh i have.
my objections just fell on your deaf, psychotic ears.
just get the hell away from me garry, now!
there does not appear to be a great deal of work going on here
what seems to be the problem
it's ok billy bob, i'm just about to handle it.
no, it's ok billy bob. i've decided that we've probably got enough help for your project. we should let garry go ahead and search for those mushrooms he enjoys so much.
as you wish penny
you should know that tyler has emerged from his reverie
it turns out that he is quite the handyman
if you would be so kind as to assist them penny it shall afford me a little time to pass on my secrets so as to aid garrys search
garry is a big boy now billy bob, i'm sure he'll be fine on his own.
any help you can offer will be gratefully accepted,
my friend.
it is settled then
follow me garry
certainly, i'll be right behind you.
please don't go billy bob.
i shall return penny

by Goatlord

He'll be back...