Bubble Wrap

who's going to stop me, you? your new boyfriend?
he's rapidly outliving his usefulness.
don't you dare!
billy bob is off the juice now and he is a rational and intelligent human being.
you speak of usefulness, billy bob has been of more use to the group today than any of you have been the entire time we've been here.
god, you don't know how i've longed for any of you spoilt little boys to wake up to yourselves.
this isn't some fun camping trip, this is our life.
speaking of boys, our young lad had an interesting story to tell earlier. it seems that flimsy lock on your bedroom door is all that now stands in my way.
the end of the world is here penelope dear and the rules have changed. if i see something i want, no thing and, especially, no one is going to stop me.
oh ... oh, i was only paying attention to jenkins because he was new and i wanted to help him fit in, you fucking psycho. it was never about the foob supply was it?
maybe a little.

by Goatlord

The things we do for "love".

Love is the drug and I need to score... you fucking bitch!

Why is it always about you??!

Ya gotta love love :s