Bubble Wrap

we'll still need the system built so why don't you search for the stuff on the list and i'll search for his stash. we'll be able to grow our own 'shrooms at least.
i'm on it.
aren't you supposed to be helping wyatt find stuff for the magical food growing system?
ha, i knew it!
screw you billy bob but i've got better plans.
excuse me but do i look like billy bob?
penny? well well, don't you look just as pretty as billy bob in your fancy clean suit.
garry, i really think this plan will save us a lot trouble and heartache in the coming months. we'd all really appreciate your help.
"we" but not you?
"we" is the group which both you and i are a part of.
billy bob too. you've both scrubbed up so nicely.
so, what's the plan, you'll both wait until the rest of us are asleep before spreading your grattitude?
don't start this again garry.
there's nothing going on between me and billy bob. as alien a concept it is to most men, women like being clean. we don't like wallowing in our own filth.
you don't fool me penny.
look, everyone needs to pitch in if we're to survive and "i" would appreciate your help.
that's not necessarily true though, is it?
if the foobs run low, there are other options available to us.
no garry, there are absolutely not. what happened to jenkins is not going to happen again.

by Goatlord

Spored yet?

(Ed.: Yes, get on with it.)

Bite me.

(Ed.: Why don't you bite me, Mr Smartypants?)

(Ed.: Ow)