Bubble Wrap

why don't we just forget about this stupid list, wyatt?
billy bob's not the sharpest toy in the box,
his stash can't be that hard to find.
if it were that easy, garry, we'd'a' found it by now.
'sides, i like this hydroponic idea.
you like it now perhaps but have you thought about how you're going to smoke weed when you're stuck in that suit?
man, i been thinkin' 'bout smokin' weed since i was a boy.
stuck in this suit? p'shaw. these suits have their own water supply. i'm a walkin' talkin' bong.
i'll just have to be careful not to end up like ol' jenkins.
yeah, he screamed for a long time, the big girl.
definitely not man enough.

by Goatlord

That easy Garry, such a slut.

I'm told Denzel was man enough.

For Garry you mean? We may never know.

I do know that a well matured cheddar goes very well with a stiff rumbo.

Again, not prison talk so stop asking ... oh go on then, once more.

Nope, still not prison talk.