Bubble Wrap

a wet handbag being passed through an overripe watermelon?
chillax man.
you used to be fun.
i know, right?
now i suppose you're going to tell us you don't have any 'shrooms.
william roberts no longer partakes of mushroom juice
great, more for us then.
if you'd be so kind as to tell me your secret 'shroom location, i'll supply the rest of us from now on.
perhaps at a later date
we have work to do
this is true.
we now have to search for your secret stash.
come on wyatt. kumar?
wait guys.
it's ok.
he wants us to help build a hydroponic set-up.
penny's ok'ed it.
fine, you stay here but we're off.
hang on garry, my gramma had one o' them hydroponics.
the biggest and fattest buds i ever saw.
she reckoned you could grow just about anythin' on 'em too.
i accidentally picked up one of those farming magazines earlier and they did mention something along those lines.
c'mon wyatt, 'shrooms man!
we really need to be thinkin' about our long term supply.
oh, but billy bob said they were for-
future supply requirements
alright but i want first pick of the harvest.
do not worry garry
i will sort you out long before then
you'd better.
kumar go and find tyler whilst i give these fine persons a list of building supplies they can begin searching for
dibbs not lookin' fer fertilizer.
he's probably still in his room bawling his eyes out.
man, i don't even know what day it is so how's he supposed to know when his wedding anniversary is?
i never cried so hard the day the pigs took my gramma away
...and her sweet, sweet set-up.

by Goatlord

Introducing six new characters all wearing the same style and colour of suit?

Capital idea sir, well done!

I'm positive no one will be confused. Not even when you start having four characters on screen at once. It works for that Red guy stuff doesn't it.

Doesn't it...?