Bubble Wrap

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new dude and the smoke people
penny discovered she was able to take a bath.
she, of course, took the opportunity to scare the ever living, thrice recycled waste out of kumar but not before giving the ok for "billy bob" to start building a hydroponic set-up.
we now join "billy bob" and kumar on their way to gather the troops in readiness for the build...
penny isn't going to die is she?
no kumar
not if she is carefull
penny's dead?!
oh no,
we're doomed!
calm down wyatt.
penny isn't dead,
she's just naked.
woo hoo,
there is a god!
really, is she as hot as she sounds?
a gentleman never tells.
so, is she hot or what?
did you get to see her rude bits?
gentlemen please
kumar go join your compatriots
the peripheral vision offered by this suit is far less than i am comfortable with
what's crawled up your bum
billy bob?
just because you've cleaned your suit doesn't suddenly make you better than us.
yeah, you've told us heaps o' times what you'd like to do to her, one-on-one like.
do you know the sound a man makes as his liver is being forcibly torn from a freshly created abdominal cavity
would you like to

by Goatlord

Dude indeed.

Dan reminded me today of the email I'd sent last month telling him about all the great(?) new comics I had lined up and ready to go. He said he had been very excited so waited in rapt anticipation.

He was, of course, just needling me about not uploading a comic in the past two weeks ... oopsie.

In explanation, I've recently started a new exercise regime. A regime, in truth, strikingly similar to its predecessor.

It is a method for losing weight from the inside out. "But that is what they all do!", I hear you verbiate (what?). This may be true so I choose not to expand further (quiet in the peanut gallery!).
Suffice to say that the side effects from this particular form of exercise include (but are not limited to) loss of time.

So, I may have lost a week or two but,
by jingo, I've got the thinnest blood this side of the former Soviet states.