Bubble Wrap

bacon and bacon?
or spinach and liver?
*however will i decide?*
it is the sabbath. we cannot eat red meat on the sabbath.
i have to go.
oh, that's sad to hear.
yo dawg! did you just cuff me to the floor again? that's going to make it tricky to flee in panic.
mmmm, with this 'spinach and liver' you will atone for your sins.
,..now the rain has gone. i can see all obstacles in my way,..

by Dan

I've been going a little bit crazy trying to figure out a decent backup setup and I think I've got it now. Superduper creates a duplicate of both computers each evening automatically.

There's a storage drive that has two backups so that one can always be kept off site. It's almost all setup. Soon it'll require two separate acts of god to kill my data.