Bubble Wrap

morning g.
sleep well?
not a wink.
good, good.
i was mulling my recent moodiness over some cheese last night and i think it can be put down to stress.
are you sure you slept o-
-uh ah.
moving right along, after everything i've been through and coupled with the current cheese shortage, i'm really stressed out.
welcome to my world.
yes, well after i'd realised i was so stressed out, i thought of what i used to do to relax before the outbreak of ... death-
before, i'd go to a party with friends and we'd meet some pretty ladies, take some very nice drugs and a good time was had by all.
this is "moving right along"?
unfortunately, i'm yet to find any pretty ladies or any very nice drugs.
there was one other relaxation method but...
i haven't been able to "take care of business" since i put on the suit.
there's a record store in the middle of town if you're desperate for some elvis.
i doubt they'd have sold out yet.

by Goatlord

Welcome to my world.
No, I don't validate.

Sleep now.