Bubble Wrap

thanks again for the cheese. it was a really thoughtful gift.
you're welcome, just don't go on about it.
ok, sure.
it's just...
i was a little hard on you the other day and i wanted to say i was sorry. you're my only friend now...
now that timothy is dead.
or a ninja.
or a...
anyway, i don't want to lose your friendship.
new day and all.
you're sure it's ok? i know you can hold a grudge is all.
then you don't really know me.
ok, sorry g.
i just really want us to be ok.
say "ok" once more and you'll find out how very much we aren't.
o...oh is that my cheese calling?
i'd best see what it wants.
you do that.

by Goatlord

I was given a fancy little nip pourer the other day. Naturally, I have been in a constant state of quality control. It's great. Especially when you get rid of that unnecessary middleman mere mortals call a "glass" and just pour from the bottle straight down the ol' drink hole.

I wonder if the scabs on your liver are as fun to pick at.