Bubble Wrap

naked chick!
you have not seen one before
of course.
i may not have your prowess, billy bob but i assure you,
i am quite the lady killer.
come now kumar
i am the only lady killer here
you and i both know that until moments ago
you had never spied a disrobed female outside of the pages of a lewd periodical
fuck you billy bob, you're no fun anymore.
you used to always bring me back some 'shrooms.
where are my 'shrooms, man?
they will only rot what is left of your brain and i have need of you in a competent state
we have hydroponics to build
why didn't you say so?
lead on my very bestest of friends.
the setup will be for the growing of food
dirty gollum poker.

by Goatlord

Poke the Gollum with a pointy stick that thou may truly knowest thyself.

I just do it for fun (and occasionally, profit).