Bubble Wrap

i would hardly call the proper maintenance of ones suit a waste of time
although we are of the same mind about the pornography
it's just going to get dirty again, why bother?
the almanacs mentioned that these suits were not meant to last forever
therefore we must do anything we can to prolong their longevity
it was far dirtier on the inside than it was out
surely you would have had to get out of the suit to clean its inside.
but ... you're not dead.
not currently
if you'll excuse me, i have to get out of these dirty things and spend the next year in the bath.
then, i think i'll give kumar the fright of his life.
i do not suggest you spend too long cleaning
we are wearing these suits for a reason
party pooper.
i can't remember the last time i had a smile on my face.
gather the others and put this hydroponic scheme of yours into action.
i'll join you presently.

by Goatlord

Presently, you are reading this several weeks into my future.

I should write me a postcard so I might reminisce upon the "good times" of weeks past.

I wonder how many people will survive that "thing" and if K-Rudd is still First Minister of that wide brown land at the end of his $900 Rudd-mas?

Surely I will have discovered by then, who ate my last slice of pizza last night.

Needs must I wait for such knowledge. Damn you lucky bastards in the there and then!