Bubble Wrap

penelope was my grandmother.
i've told you, billy bob, call me penny.
my apologies
where have you been?
we were starting to worry when you didn't come home last night.
yeah dude, where are my 'shrooms?
i have just come from the
i believe the colloquial term is
i've never been in there, seeing as we'll never get to use it.
it really should have been explored sooner
there are a great many magazines of use in there
what sort of-
-any porn?
i did notice a few periodicals of a pornographic nature

by Goatlord

One of the more satisfying uses of a magazine, I've so far discovered, is when a sizeable issue of "4WD Monthly" is rolled up to assist in a violent altercation with a peeping Tom.

My friend's elderly girlfriend was so grateful to be rid of her furtive voyeur that she offered to pay for my next year's subscription.

(By "friend" we all know I mean "deranged stranger I was unfortunate enough to be accosted by as I got off the bus" and by "4WD Monthly" we all know I mean "FHM: Furry Hot Marmosets")