Bubble Wrap

damnit! he's just not out here. he must be back at the warehouse.
ah, well. nothing else for it. i'd better sneak in there and rescue him,... again.
and then i totally saved the priest, and the orphans.
oh, wow! you are like some sort of hero.
yeah,... some sort,..

hey! want to see my scar?
truly i would, but,.. these suits protect us from the external environment. it would be reckless for either of us to disrobe.
well, yes,.. but,...


oh, nuts!

by Dan

I saved up kitchen scraps for a month in the freezer, then made a stock, then cut up a pumpkin and potatoes, then made a soup, but the turkey leftovers I used for the stock were off, and the made from scratch pumpkin soup was rancid.

And now I still have a kitchen full of dirty dishes to deal with.