Bubble Wrap

,..and taking the lord's name in vane and coverting your neighbour and the 'morning after' pill and,..
wait? what? the 'morning after' pill is against your religion? why?
it is murder. you're killing an unborn child.
a child? but that's not true.
is not a person considered real even when they are just conceived?
but that's the thing. sperm stays in the woman's system for up to three days before fertilisation occurs.
it's true. the top part of the vagina is like the 'green room' that a stand up comic waits in before actually having to go up on stage and perform.
and then?
and then it's more like backstage at a rock concert.
i don't believe you.
whoa! tough womb!

by Dan

Spent all evening practicing PAchabel's Canon on the guitar. I can now play all songs ever written.