Bubble Wrap

all covered up.
here lies a human being. unknown to us but surely missed by those who loved him.
i now commend him to the eternal circle of life.
that was very nice of you g.
i'm sorry you can't be like this all the time.
i'm going to head back to have a think and maybe find a good cheese substitute.
i always think better with cheese.
what a funny fellow.
thinking i was crazy.
you have to wonder sometimes though, right?
i may be a little eccentric at times but crazy, really?
admittedly, if i don't exist then you don't exist.
well, i know for a fact that i don't exist so where does that leave you?
droll, crazy boy, very droll.
go find some cheese for bob.

by Goatlord

I've been slowly catching up on my episodes of "House".

All hail the mighty Digital Video Recorder, long may your hard drive spin!

Anyhoo, it's nice to see that Dr House has his own "special friend" to play with.