Bubble Wrap

you didn't think to bury him?
i ... no, my mind was elsewhere at the time.
so you find this poor man's eternal soul of no consequence?
i thought you weren't a religious person?
i'm not but you don't know that about him,
do you?
screw you g!
what about all the others that you choose to do nothing about?
they can take care of themselves.
i could never, in good conscience, suggest to anyone that disturbing a ninja in training was a good idea.
so you've no belief in god
but rather,
as any forward thinking man should.

by Goatlord

If forward thinking is so cool and hep, why is backward thinking more popular with the global elite?

Oh, I was into forward thinking well before they ever "sold out", nyah!

BTW, digging a grave isn't as straightforward as one might think.