Bubble Wrap

i thought you said you weren't crazy?
he's down here.
bob, this is sick.
i know i can be a bit of a jerk sometimes but why would you show me a decomposing corpse?
are you sure that's what it is?
not a ninja in a clever disguise?
no, i can tell by the sight and smell of it that it's a decomposing corpse.
so you can see it for what it truly is?
this poor man caught the disease, like so many others, and died. his last moments were probably spent in a great deal of agony and very much alone.
he's out here in the street, partially buried in dust. so, yes, we can infer that what ever happened to him, or her for that matter, probably wasn't very nice.
however, the picture you've painted is only one of many possible scenarios. there isn't much of him left to discern a great deal about his last moments at all.
a few tatters of clothing but no visible skin. there isn't much flesh remaining and, judging by the marks on some of the bones, he's now someone's meal ticket.
perhaps my horde of demon girafflings?
or, for all i know, a pack of rabid wallabies.
i'm pretty sure wallabies are herbivores.
they may have once been but the world is a very different place now.
not that different.
are wallabies even native to this part of the world?
you could check wikipedia.
i'll get right on that.

by Goatlord

You can lose yourself in Wikipedia for months at a time. Totally oblivious to your surroundings and personal hygiene.

It looks as though that Stefanovic robot thingy has had some work done on his personality chip.