Bubble Wrap

everyone is dead!
they caught a disease and died!
don't be silly.
ninjas are immortal and, oft times, magical creatures.
immortal and magical are they?
tell me, have you ever met one of these "ninjas"?
well, no one after they donned the garb of the all stealthy.
would you like to?
of course. we might then be able to glean some truth from the madness that surrounds us.
"that surrounds us" - nice.
so ... you've met one?
before i went for my walk, i met one during the dust storm.
do you think you can remember where?
i'm not likely to forget.
then lead on good sir.

by Goatlord

Gleaning things is always nice.
I enjoy gleaning donkeys who are addicted to ice.
I glean camels, I glean chimps.
I glean sofas that invariably hide gimps.
I was once described as a dirty, rotten gleaner.
That person, I was later told, had been violated by another's wiener.
All in all, gleaning is fun.
You there, wench, pour me another rum.