Bubble Wrap

"good friends"
with a taser?!
that doesn't sound like crazy-batshit-loco behaviour to you?
i told you,
i'm not crazy.
we both have our own ways of coping with our current circumstances.
you'd convinced yourself that the rest of humanity was just "sleeping."
fair point but that's a belief i've since been cured of.
and yet you are still to embrace the stealthiest of truths.
again with the...
i'm sure this is more a symptom than any root cause but you seem to be obsessed with ninjas.
and you're not?
not overly, no.

by Goatlord

Obsessions can be deadly.


Take, for instance, any number of my obsessions:
Cheese, Rum, Cheese, Dying, Cheese, Hitting Things With A Hammer, Unnecessary Capitalization.

Cheese is quite good too.

I've also just been reminded that obsessions can also be indecent.

May the Cheese have mercy upon my spirit thingy ... so to speak.