Bubble Wrap

hey, we've been talking for ages. you've got to come and meet the rest of the group. they should be back from gathering soon.
i would very much like to meet them all but if the smoke i saw was not a call for help
perhaps i should not intrude
don't be fooled, my scrabbling in the dirt is far from expert.
i'm sure there's plenty you could teach us and i know everyone would love to meet you.
if you think it would be alright
as you now live on a farm
i could probably teach you some animal husbandry if you would like
i'm not quite sure what that is but, to be honest, i haven't actually seen an animal in ... forever.
they are around
say, i don't think you've mentioned your name yet.
no william roberts i have not

let us wait until everyone is together before i make my introductions
sure, whatever man. i'm just glad you're here to help.
that i am
perhaps you could tell me more about your friends as we travel to your home
why not.
well, there's penny, she's the unofficial leader of our group...

by Goatlord

Unofficial Leader is a great position to hold, all of the responsibilities and none of the perks.
I hear Official Leaders get free rolls of cheese every Saturday. These rolls are gifted specifically for the launching off of the top of the highest hill in the county to see how many of the elderly and infirm one might "collect" in any given "roll".

It's how I want to roll (wassup sign).