Bubble Wrap

what were the other people you met like?
they are merely people doing their best to survive under the current circumstances
very similar to yourself at a guess
i've not heard it called that before, many other names but...
yeah, cool, i like you man.
travelling around meetin' and greetin' is your only thing?
i also offer advice on survival and
where i can
assistance during these difficult circumstances
as it were.
as it were
so everyone else are pathetic losers just like me, scrabbling around in the dirt looking for something to turn into foob?
not everyone

by Goatlord

Anyone else bored yet? My cheese is wilting and the flowers outside are looking at me funny.
I think I'll beat that whiny bitch, Orpheus, around the head with his own lyre.
Lyre, lyre pants on fire.
You can't catch my gingerbread man 'cause I ate the little fucker ... best Craplist advert I ever responded to.