Bubble Wrap

one has strayed from the herd
hello smoke person
holy shit dude!

i mean, greetings fellow survivor of whom i thought there were no more.
you're really here and not just a figment of my malnourished imagination aren't you?
cool, um ... hi, i'm william roberts but everyone calls me
billy bob.
it's a pleasure to meet you.
hello william roberts
it is a pleasure to meet you also
this is great. i've gotta tell you, it was really depressing to think that we were the only survivors.
who is we
there's a group of us who've settled in an old farm house not too far from here. i can't wait to tell them we are not alone.
this is too cool.
actually there are many enclaves such as yours all over the country
wow, shit, really?
and you've met these other people?
i still have a ways to go before i meet everyone but i no longer despair of not doing so
you want to meet everyone...
in the world?
i wish to meet everyone and look them in the eye as i greet them
well, that's a little weird man but a little nice too so it's all good.
i guess that's not such an impossible goal now that pretty much everyone is dead.
my thoughts precisely

by Goatlord

Rejoice, fans of the Smoke People!
For lo, they were not just a throw away line in a nothing strip. They have substance and maybe, even, meaning.
Time will tell, time will tell.

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(Dan's Note: These guys are in no way related the Church of the Oppressive Light. They're bronze rather than brown.)