Bubble Wrap

so what happens now professor?
well, our captors have all died from whatever this disease is. we're both handcuffed to the floor within feet of life giving food.
our suits should be able to recycle enough of our waste fluids to keep us in drinking water for another week of so.
without rescue we may be able to survive another ten,.. maybe twelve days.
of course, being that we appear to be the only two people remaining on the planet, rescue appears unlikely.
oh my god!!
you drink your
own wee?
all these suits have built in fluid recycling.
that's fucking rank, man! no way am i drinking my own wee.
you don't drink water from your internal nozzle?
yeah, but that comes from,...
such a horrible sound and yet it brings such joy.

by Dan

I used to do shift work from 7pm until 7am and at around 1 in the morning my brain would open up all those doors that aren't supposed to be open and I'd write comics.

I posted them on the web and called it 'Sleep Dep'. I considered calling it 'Brushing off Invisible Spiders' as that was what I found myself doing on more than one occasion at that time of night when the madness started to take over.

I was relating this story to Carrington Vanston when I had the good fortune to meet him in Toronto. I then proceeded to tell him that I needed to combine all my websites (Lilley Street and Dad's Joke) into the one web project.

The two ideas met and I've been www.invisiblespiders.com ever since.

Just something to consider, on this, the six month anniversary of BubbleWrap.