Bubble Wrap

so ... what happened?
during the dust storm, i wanted to show you the dustman i'd made but you went inside.
i tried to keep dusty together but the wind was just so strong and...
i don't think there is any such thing as a "sleepy-yellow illness."
praise be to the pretend, magical sky-being of your choice!
bob, look, i'm sorry - sort of.
i understand you were alone for a long time and you had to do something to help your little mind cope with the enormity of the situation.
just as a child might explain away a bump in the night, you named the unnameable.
however, you have now reasoned out our circumstances as an adult.
i'll be the first to admit that it's a totally fucked up and completely warped concept to wrap your head around but i'm glad you finally did.
you know what i'm talking about, the final stage of your "sleepy-yellow illness."
i said i don't think that there even is a "sleepy-yellow illness." most of them turned yellow, sure but i really don't think any of them are sleeping.
no, not all of them. i'm quite certain they take it in shifts.
we are on the same page, yes?
i'm not sure. what page are you on?
why, the page of discovery of course.

by Goatlord

Not dead (this is what he would have typed, right?).

Dan has indeed created a new background for me to use which you will all get to see presently. I must admit, I am quite partial to public toilets the one-eyed-giant-hiding-behind-the-city background. We've been together so long now.