Bubble Wrap

need some help with those handcuffs, fly?
professor, oh thank god!!
hold still.
um, that's not the handcuffs, prof.
no, it's not,..
it's your gun.
before i release you, i think it's worthwhile taking the opportunity to make sure this is put somewhere safe.
you may be strong, fly, but never forget,..
i'm the smart one

by Dan

I really hate people talking on mobile phones. Research suggests that talking on a mobile phone distracts the driver to the same extent as having a 0.05 blood alcohol level.

But of course people say "Hey! It's just talking to someone in the car. People do that all the time" but I have a theory. When you talk on the phone you're picturing the person you're talking to and, more importantly, picturing their environment. You're mind isn't on your surroundings. It's being blurred visually by the world of imagination layered over the top.

Allowing yourself to be distracted is the worst thing that you can do in a car,.. well other that intentionally running people down I guess. Or driving to terrorist school.