Bubble Wrap

bit dusty today.
not so you'd notice
i noticed.
the dust, yes.
do you know if our air filters are serviceable?
of course they are, geez.
so you have spares?
you know what bob?
i'm going to continue my derisive rant on all your many failings inside.
with the door taped shut.
-i wanted to show you the dustman i made.

by Goatlord

Am currently working my way through "Watchmen."
Oh yeah, my finger is on the pulse.
I might even watch the movie in the next decade or two.
The book can be described in one word - awesome.

My new goal, in this donkey show we call life, is to write an insanely popular book just so the publishers can use a picture that makes me look like a serial killer on the back cover.
There are many to choose from.