Bubble Wrap

hey g!
where are you?
i'm over here.
oh, right.
hang on, i'll come over.
no, wait.
i'm over there.
really? it sounds more like you're over there.
that's what i said.
oh, ok then.
i'm having trouble finding you.
you're supposed to say "polo!"

by Goatlord

Greetings to all you Supernovians gracing our pages. I hope you're enjoying "Bubble Wrap" they're hurting us There are many months worth of strips in the archives for you to peruse as well as the many years worth of strips from our previous projects.

To our many regulars, who did not have to be swayed by shiny bookmarks handed out by creepy old guys, we lurve you too. Although our love is more familiar and sensuous, the kind you only read about in
"Baby Oil and Salsa Dip Monthly".
You know what I'm talkin' 'bout.