Bubble Wrap

what will you do with the money if you're successful?
if?! of course i'll be successful. i'll have my shiny gun.
but it doesn't work.
they won't know that. anyway, it's shiny with good, it's a good gun.
it will blind the evil petrol station attendants with its goodly brilliance and their black hearts will be filled with such a crippling fear.
all money and valuables will literally fly into my bag, grateful for being liberated by a modern day robin hood such as i.
so in actual fact, mr smarty pants, the gun does work.
it didn't work on me.
i guess you're just not evil enough.
hah, i told you!
wait - you pointed a loaded gun at me and pulled the trigger.
what the fuck man?!
you don't know that it's loaded.
not really the point g.
however you...

is it loaded?
of course.

by Goatlord

I'll hurt you.