Bubble Wrap

oh looky here, another tool's tool.
he didn't take good care of you at all, you're so dusty.
whatcha doin'?
uh, nothing.
it just looked like you were furiously working on something. something important?
fine, if you must know, i was polishing my gun.
whoa, sorry man, i didn't mean to interrupt again. maybe we should set up a special room or sign or something.
y'know, so we - i stop walking in on...
i understand dude, it's not like i don't get urges, it's just-
you complete fu...
how, out of all the billions of...
i. was. polishing. my. gun.
my bad.
does it work?
apparently not.

by Goatlord

I type these words from the distant past. I'm told, in the future, there will be robots.
Are there robots?
I cannot express what a relief that is to hear or perhaps I can, where's that breast pump?