Bubble Wrap

,.. and then you slam it back and bite on a lime and then a lemon and then a barbeque chicken. i call it a 'tequila mockingbird'.
what do you miss?
what do i miss?
you know when you've got a butter knife with margarine all over it, and you run it under the hot tap, but it takes a moment for the water to heat up?
the margarine doesn't budge under the cold water and then suddenly the water temperature rises and the whole thing cascades off the knife leaving it clean.
that's what i miss.
if that isn't a metaphor, that is the lamest thing i've ever, ever, ever heard in my life.

by Dan

Adding more memory to a Mac Mini is a painful and slow process. Why don't they let me into that damn thing? What is Steve Jobs' problem that he has to glue and clip everything sealed shut?

Replacing the battery in my iPod was a nightmare too.