Bubble Wrap

i'll let you in on a little secret -
i don't own the place we now live in.
if you're judging by pre-apocalypse standards, that is. these days, i live there - it belongs to me.
it's a little crude but -
want. take. have. - has been working ok for me so far.
i never liked faith.
i don't really think of it as a religion.
oh would you look at that, it's nap time already.
not enough cheese in his diet i'm guessing.

by Goatlord

Nautical Archeological Pteranodites.

This group, formed in 1932 (primarily for shits and giggles), was disbanded in the late seventies due to flagging membership. Barry got bored and went home to his wife, Carl's unrequited love for Barry led to a rather involuted suicide (there were springs and shells involved, nasty business) and Jennifer spread her wings then flew off into the sunset, never to be heard from again.