Bubble Wrap

professor? come on,.. the,.. the warehouse,.. foob? delicious foob.
what's the point, fly? if i don't eat, it just means that i'll die hungry
leave me here,.. to rot.
i hope i find some chicken and gravy foob. mmm. i can already feel the hot gravy running down over my lips and chin.
fine! i'll come!! if i'm going to die it may as well be on my own terms. i'll eat myself to death before the virus kills me.

by Dan

I've only ever fasted for a day or two. I'm not a fan of denying myself energy. Your body is a machine and you need to put the right fuel in to get the best out of it.

And so it was that I found Peter C. Hayward's 28 Days, 28 Dollars experiment so intriguing.