Bubble Wrap

you were supposed to be giving me news.
yes but you keep interru-
whatever, news giraffe boy!
*sigh* what would you like to know?
why do we have to wear these suits?
i believe, if we don't wear them, we'll fall asleep and never wake up.
because of the sleepy-yellow illness.
really, "sleepy-yellow illness", that's what you're calling it?
i would have thought an evil mastermind intent on ruling the world could come up with a better name than that.
what about: plan a or substance x or even, project giraffe?
hey, i didn't create it!
but you named it, yes?
i had to call it something and i didn't have anyone to discuss it with.
a likely story, i don't think.
moving right along. why...
am i bothering with this?
you either have no information of any worth or you do but won't tell me for fear of my awesomeness ruining you evil machinations.
apart from the awesome thing, there is some logic to that, i guess.
says evil mcevil of evil giraffeville, intent on throwing me off the evil trail of evil.

by Goatlord

Evil bLog.