Bubble Wrap

as i was trying to say, you are what's special about this place. i've traveled such a long way and you are the only person i've met who's up and about.
so we're the only two people left on the entire planet, awesome.
i don't know i'd go so far as-
-ah, so that's what it means.
y'know that incessant laughter you hear in the back of your mind?
you hear laughter?
can't you?
anyway, the day you showed up it changed to more of a belly laugh.
hmmm, that's probably why i didn't hear you sneaking.
and this all means?
god thinks my current predicament is riotously funny.
you believe god is laughing in your brain ... you believe in god?!
not at all.
but you just said...
i'm having trouble keeping up with your shifts in thought.
it's not that difficult man, we're both speaking sanskrit after all.

by Goatlord

In the land of bLog, the effervescent are stripped of their awards and flesh then given over to the most unholy of ritualistic driving instruction.