Bubble Wrap

what could cause everyone to turn yellow and die so quickly?
it was some sort of communicable jaundice i think. it looked like everyone's kidneys shut down.
,..only it happened so fast. i can only assume it's affected the rest of the world too.
my kidneys shut down once.

that was such an awesome party.

by Dan

I met Douglas Adams when I was eighteen and desperately wanted to tell him how much his books meant to me and yet distance myself from the rest of the 'nerds' who liked his books. I failed quite dismally.

I met the Barenaked Ladies and was totally cool about it. Aloof, some might say. In fact I really let the opportunity by to spend actual time with the band members because I wanted to be totally cool about it.

I met Angie Hart and did exactly the same thing. 'Be cool, Dan. Don't let them know how you're jumping up and down inside.'

But I kept missing out on the opportunity to do what I wanted to in those situations. The fact of the matter is that I'm just like all those other fans. That's what makes us fans. I want to be logical enough to accept that we're not going to be best friends but the hell with that. I still want to be best friends with my heroes.

So when Yahtzee turned up to one my the impro shows that I was performing in,.. well,.. he incurred the wrath of my fanaticism. Luckily for me this came off as positively restrained compared to the other nerds in my social circle.

Yesterday I was introduced to John Birmingham by Girlclumsy. Yeah,.. he's cool. I was cool too. Maybe we'll run into each other at some time in the future. Yeah,.. That'd be cool.