Bubble Wrap

oh, i'm an idiot!
,..and now i'm going to die. i'm going to turn yellow and die like all those other poor fools.
it was only a small hole, professor.
smaller than a fucking virus?!!
how big is a virus?
suddenly my impending death doesn't seem
quite so bad.

by Dan

In 'Donnie Darko' there's mention that the best phrase in the English language is 'Cellar Door'. I think this is only because it sounds a bit French. 'It is the love' or C'est l'adore has a strikingly familiar phonetic structure to it.

In my opinion the phrase that is the most beautiful, the phrase that inspires such joy and nostalgia in me is,..


One day, I'll have a pinball machine that's themed after one of my comics. That would be the true measure of success (or at least a measure of my inability to let go of the past).